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Arthur W Hummel Sr At Library of Congress
Arthur W Hummel With two pet tigers in Burma

In 1912, my grandparents, Arthur W. and Ruth B. Hummel, embarked on a journey to northern China, dedicating themselves as missionaries under the American Board of Missions. Immersing in China’s heart for over 14 years, they diligently learned about its rich culture and history.

Little did they know their time in China would leave a lasting impact on subsequent generations.

Upon their return to the U.S. in 1927, my grandfather took up the esteemed position as the first chief of the Orientalia Division at the Library of Congress. Holding this role for over a quarter of a century, he was renowned as the premier Chinese scholar of his era. His expertise led him to lecture at various prestigious U.S. universities, including Yale, Harvard, and Berkeley.

Their legacy continued through their son, my Uncle Arthur W. William Hummel. During his formative years spent in China, he was fluent in Chinese. His career path led him to the U.S. State Department, culminating in ambassadorships to nations like Burma (now Myanmar), Pakistan, Ethiopia, China, and Under Secretary of State for Asia under Henry Kissinger; he was a key negotiator to opening China to the West.

My grandfather and uncle earned the title “China Hands,” a testament to their profound knowledge and understanding of China.

The name “Asia Hand” has its roots in my family’s history and deep association with China.

Yet, it’s also a tribute to the skilled Asian artisans and designers I collaborate with.

These individuals pour their hearts and soul into crafting exquisite home decor – From Our Hands To Yours!



Our Exquisite Products

Asia Hand is dedicated to crafting elegant home decor pieces. Each item is intricately hand-wrought by our talented artisans. Browse our collection today to find your unique work of art.

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