Compass Rose Bath Set


Navigate your way to a luxurious bathroom experience with the “Compass Rose Bath Set.” Crafted from faux compass paper and top-quality acrylic, this set is the perfect blend of maritime charm and modern elegance.

Included in the Compass Rose Bath Set:

  • Tissue Box: Keep tissues handy in a stylish and thematic tissue box that captures the explorer in you.
  • Tray: Use this convenient tray to organize your toiletries or display decorative items, all while maintaining a nautical flair.
  • Soap Pump: Make each handwashing experience a voyage with our nautical-inspired soap pump that dispenses the perfect amount.
  • Soap Dish: Keep your soap dry and accessible in a dish designed to echo the adventurous spirit of the open sea.
  • Canister: Store small items like cotton balls and Q-tips in a canister that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Wastepaper Basket: Toss away waste in a basket that complements the rest of the set, completing your bathroom’s maritime look.

Embark on a journey of style and sophistication with the “Compass Rose Bath Set,” transforming your bathroom into an elegant seafarer’s haven.

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Bath Set

Discover a curated bath set that effortlessly combines form and function, all crafted from faux compass paper and durable acrylic. The collection includes a Tissue Box, Tray, Soap Pump, Soap Dish, Canister, and Wastepaper Basket, each piece designed to bring a touch of maritime elegance to your bathroom.

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Tissue Box, Canister, Soap Pump, Soap Dish, Wastepaper Basket, Tray


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