Minty Fresh Organizer Box


Introducing our Mint Green Lacquer Box – a fresh and functional addition to enhance your organization and decor.

Refreshing Color: This box features a soothing mint green hue that adds a pop of color to any space.

Durable Finish: Crafted to last, it’s designed for everyday use and to keep your items protected.

Versatile Storage: Use it to keep your essentials, jewelry, or trinkets organized and easily accessible.

Subtle Elegance: Its clean and simple design effortlessly blends with various decor styles.

Elevate your organization and style with our Mint Green Lacquer Box – where simplicity meets freshness.


Please note the price does not include shipping and handling from Hanoi, Vietnam.



Mint Green Lacquer Box
Mint Green Lacquer Box

Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 27.94 × 18.415 × 13.0048 cm


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